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I would like to offer you a letter of reference for you service and professionalism.

I have worked with multiple councils as well as different Property Management firms that were all very professional and helpful however I have found in my two years on council the last as President working with Jennifer has far exceeded my expectations.

Right from the first meeting she attended I was instantly impressed with her common sense, sage advice and knowledge of both BC Strata Act and our Strata ByLaws. She was thoroughly prepared for our meeting.

Jennifer is a consummate professional, who is quick to offer sage advice and assistance.

This past 14 months we have dealt with a complex issue of water ingress in one of our units that has required a lot of work, coordination and legal council. It's been stressful to say the least, but throughout, Jennifer has been extremely helpful, patient and professional. She has been asked by council to coordinate the project and has worked extremely well with all the contractors, Method Engineering Firm, council and the owners to make this as smooth and pleasant experience as possible.

Jennifer is an extremely reliable, smart lady who is always there to assist me and our Strata.


On behalf of Christmas Hill Estates Strata Plan VIS 1655, I would like to say THANK YOU to South Island Property Management for your many contributions and helpfulness over the last twelve months.


On April 9, 2019 I contacted Janet Delpierre in regards to a small leak we have under our bathroom sink. By April 10, 2019 the leak was fixed and life was back to normal. I can’t thank you enough for how quickly that was dealt with.

Gordon Head Tenant

I found all the strata managers I encountered at South Island are so friendly and helpful.
Thank you for your amazing service!

Tuscany Village

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