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Full Service Strata Management

In today’s demanding society of ‘hurry and go’, instant information at your fingertips, and the convenience of having shopping delivered to your door in two days or less, it can be hard to balance work, life, and your strata.  Sometimes you just need the peace of mind of knowing someone is handling it, and is there to help you, day or night. Let us be the resource you need to bring that balance to your strata corporation and your busy life.

Strata Property Management Long-Term Planning

One of the most important areas for a strata corporation to manage is the contingency reserve fund. With the recent requirement of depreciation reports, most strata corporations will have reports prepared by qualified persons, which are useful for helping strata lot owners understand the future cash flow needs of their strata corporation. We work with councils to determine what the future demands on the reserve fund may be.
Basic Operations - A brief outline of the regular activities


We provide free seminars exclusively for our strata council members to keep them informed and educated on a variety of topics. We arrange for guest speakers to use our boardroom or for the council to attend the speaker’s business in the evenings to hear the seminars.


We work with an experienced, respected strata lawyer to ensure that building bylaws meet the current legislation, and strata’s are not put in a position where bylaws contradict legislation. We work with the lawyer to ensure that changing legislation are accommodated by bylaws that work for owners and councils, such as the new legislation surrounding smoking, cannabis, human rights, and other challenging issues.